A visionary brand full of Excitement and surprises

The Maker Brand is curious and seeks to understand the laws of the Universe. With a backpack full of enthusiasm and inexhaustible imagination, you’re ready for the next big thing. Destination – Unknown! And that is just the thing that makes the voyage with your brand so compelling!

The Maker Brand Persona has its perks...


You're full of fresh ideas

People are always interested to see what you will come up with next and you're very lucky because you never run out of that sweet inspiration!


You inspire connection

No Maker Persona has ever created something new by thinking inside the box. Being a Maker means that you let your imagination run wild in pursuit of new opportunities.


You are charismatic

Kinda like binge-watching Netflix – the ending of every episode makes you want to watch more. As a Maker, you never know what your next idea will be and that’s what encourages your curious audience to follow your brand.

Photo of Kelowna Brand Photographer Kristen Clancy

Hey there, I'm Kristen!

Before we go any further, let me introduce myself...

I'm a Kelowna-based brand photographer passionate about empowering women to show up for their business with confidence and sass.

Simply put, I help you make more money with personality infused brand photos that connect you with your dream clients!

Facing my fear of getting in front of the camera was one of the most rewarding business decisions I've ever made. By showing up as the face of my brand, I learned first-hand how the right photos are key to attracting the right clients.

Now, I get to see inspiring women like you experience the same transformation through the lens of my camera, every single day!

Let's Connect!

How the Maker Persona brings their brand to life

A well thought out brand persona makes it much easier for potential dream clients to connect with your brand on a deeper, emotional level!

Having a clearly defined brand persona is what makes your brand unique. In an endless sea of brands and businesses, it’s important to stand out in order to thrive!

Your brand communicates with your audience through visuals, messaging, as well as how you interact with your clients. All of these elements bring your brand to life in their eyes.

The Maker Brand brings to life a creative vision and provide customers with an opportunity to realize their vision, express themselves and promote individuality.

Your brand voice across your company’s communication and collaterals, should be unique, descriptive, visual and metaphor rich. Your aim is to make customers feel amazed, inspired and "I want to do what she's doing".

Brand Photography Inspiration for The Maker Brand Persona

Your brand photography should align with the values of your company, enhance the story of your brand, and bring your business to life making it more interesting, appealing, and impactful!

woman holding micro current wands for business headshot
hands holding woven basket with rocks in the shape of heart for branding photos
lifestyle photography of woman blowing bubbles at camera

When you know how to shine, nothing can stop you.

Try these three things to ensure that your Maker Brand Persona shines through consistently!


Start with words

This might sound counterintuitive but when you can list 3–5 adjectives that accurately describe your brand persona, it will be that much easier to translate into images.

Get as specific as you can when choosing your words. Think about how you want your clients to perceive your brand. Start with a list of 20–25 words then narrow them down to 10, then 3–5. (See below for inspiration!)

Choose very specific words over generic ones. For example, if you think of your brand as “happy.” A more specific word for happy might be sunny or radiantGetting specific will help translate your words into visuals.


Create a moodboard

Find visual representations of the words you chose to describe your brand and collect images that represent those words.

The best way to find beautiful images is to look at a few brands or photographers on Pinterest who you feel represent the adjectives you wrote down.

Spend some time finding as many amazing shots as you can. Most likely, the first handful you find will be OK, but the more time you take on this step the better your moodboard will turn out. Keep it simple, I recommend 20–30 images.


Be consistent!

Use your 3–5 adjectives and moodboard as a guide for ALL the visual assets you use and create for your brand including key shots for your next brand photoshoot.

Now, whenever you need brand photos for your brand, you'll have your adjectives and your moodboard to make sure your images are consistent and fully represent your brand persona.

The goal is quality, consistency, and focus. If you’re able to consistently deliver quality in every part of your brand then you will win the hearts (and loyalty!) of your customers.

Need some help?

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Maker Persona Adjectives

Use these as inspiration for your brand words!