Feel confident AF on Camera!

With 11 Essential Posing Tips for Dynamic Female Entrepreneurs!
Essential Poses for Dynamic Female Entrepreneurs

Contrary to popular belief, you ARE photogenic!

How do I know this? Because being photogenic is a skill, not an inborn talent reserved only for models and celebrities.

When it comes to looking good in your photos, the simplest tricks have the biggest impact. 

If you want to show up as the best version of yourself, follow these pro-tips for dynamic entrepreneurs and you’ll be feeling confident AF on camera in no time!

Get the guide and ace any photoshoot (or selfie!)

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I am so happy to have professional photos that represent the amazing experience that I offer my clients!

Kristen and I vibed right away! I love that she took the time to learn about what I do in order to accurately reflect my business.

I was really frustrated about not having photos to use to market my new micro-current facial business but since my photoshoot with Kristen I have way more confidence about showing up as the face of my brand and have been able to shift my mindset and attract some amazing clients!

Briana, Current Image

Photo of Kelowna Brand Photographer Kristen Clancy

Hey there, I'm Kristen!

Before we go any further, let me introduce myself...

I'm a Kelowna-based brand photographer passionate about empowering women to show up for their business with confidence and sass.

Simply put, I help you make more money with personality infused brand photos that connect you with your dream clients!

Facing my fear of getting in front of the camera was one of the most rewarding business decisions I've ever made. By showing up as the face of my brand, I learned first-hand how the right photos are key to attracting the right clients.

Now, I get to see inspiring women like you experience the same transformation through the lens of my camera, every single day!


Get the guide and ace any photoshoot (or selfie!)

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