Jenna – Downtown Kelowna Foodie Tour

Kelowna is well known for its great weather, beaches and lakes, world-class vineyards, ski hills, and a thriving food scene. Kelowna’s vibrant food culture includes markets, craft breweries, cafes, bars, and restaurants of all types. What better than to experience some of Kelowna’s best food and beverages, than through a guided tour?

Jenna, of the “stuff with Svet” blog is your host for this memorable eating and drinking experience. Not only do guests get to taste different cuisine and cocktails, they also get to hear from the owners, makers, and brewers of local establishments! Join Jenna as she shares stories and interesting facts about Kelowna (and food!). 

What do you think? Did we manage to convey Jenna’s passion for foodWhich photo is your favourite? Would love to hear your comments below! Check out more portfolio images!

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