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3 MORE Tips to create a kickass personal brand.

Tips to create a kickass personal brand. Part 2

Take control of your personal brand, and tell your story your way. Today I’m going to help you do just that with THREE MORE easy, actionable tips that will help you take control of your personal brand. Missed Part 1 read the first three tips here.

TIP #4
Create ahhhhmazing content.


Valuable content is the fuel that will drive your personal brand. If you want to become the go-to person in your industry, it’s important to consistently create content that helps people with their problems.

In most cases, you need to give your best advice away for free.

It may seem counterintuitive and that it would stop clients from coming to you but when you give away your best advice, people will start to see you as the person who knows what they’re doing and you will be their go-to person when they need advice and information that will help them solve their problems.

TAKE INSPIRED ACTION: Create valuable content.

Think about all of the questions that you’re asked by your clients, you can also survey your target audience on their needs and problems, research the most shared how-to articles in your niche and take that information and produce valuable content on it.

I highly recommend using social planning app like Planoly, Later, or Plann and plan out a month’s worth of content. This is a game-changer AND a time saver!

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TIP #5
Be clear. Be consistent.


A lot of entrepreneurs struggle with explaining exactly WHAT they do, and HOW they do it in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

The first thing you want to get clear on is the purpose of your brand and how you help people. Having a quick-fire response on hand when someone asks what you do is a priceless tool.

For example, a response from a life coach might sound something like “I’m a life coach who helps women tap into their inner grace and wisdom and lean into the most meaningful and magical expression of themselves.” This sounds great except I don’t know what exactly it means or how it’s going to help me.

Now think about trying to explain what you do to a kid without boring them.

The previous statement can be easily simplified to “I help women who are confused and frustrated, feel super excited about LIFE again.” Now you’ve got my attention and I want to know more. It leaves the window open for questions and conversation when you can dive a little deeper with further explanations.

Now that you’re clear on your brand personality, and how you help people. Be consistent with it. And I’m not just talking about your graphical elements although this is also an important part of how people will start to recognize you and your brand.

I’m talking about consistency in the way that you present yourself online, in person, AND in how you do business.

You know when someone comes across as a super successful entrepreneur and they look like they’ve got their shit together and you want to support them? So you buy something, but the delivery is late and their customer service is terrible. In other words, they just don’t live up to how they’ve been putting themselves out there. Their personal brand just isn’t consistent throughout the whole experience. This can really do some damage to your reputation (i.e. your personal brand)!

When people know exactly what to expect from you, this helps to establish trust in your brand.

TAKE INSPIRED ACTION: Create a simplified explanation of what you do that won’t bore your neighbour’s kid.

Write it down and practice it until it feels natural. And If you happen to have a neighbour with a young kid try it out on them! See what happens. Your answer will, of course, vary depending on the situation! With a solid base to work with, you can improvise as necessary.

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TIP #6
Focus on TWO social platforms.


We are busy entrepreneurs and we don’t have time to do ALL the things! And let’s be honest if you’re trying to grow 10 different platforms you’re going to get really resentful of all the time and energy that takes away from doing what you REALLY want to be doing and THAT is going to come across in how you show up on those platforms. So, choose two platforms that you can REALLY put your energy into.

The key is to choose ONE platform that offers high value for long-form content like videos, podcasts, or blogs, and ONE platform that offers high engagement like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter where you can work on building relationships with your audience.

For example: If you like to write, create a weekly blog that you can then repurpose over a few Instagram posts! If you love to be on screen, create a vlog, and tweet it to your followers. Maybe you have a lot to say, so why not start a podcast that you can share tidbits on Facebook and drive people back to your content!

The idea is to have one platform where you can provide valuable information to your audience and another platform with high engagement where you can share that information to create engagement and build relationships!

When you focus on only two platforms, you’ll create a really clean system where you can zero in on cultivating relationships and focus on showing up consistently with valuable content that solves your audience’s problems.

TAKE INSPIRED ACTION: Decide what your long-form content is going to be.

Then find out where your ideal clients are hanging out and use that platform to cultivate your audience.

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